Dear Friends.  Due to unusually high demand in the recent months, our condiments are no longer available for purchase online.  Our modest facilities in Brooklyn are just not big enough.... we are looking for options that would allow us to produce more and  stay local.

In the meantime please, visit one of our restaurants and we will gladly sell you a bottle or two ...  

Brooklyn Beet Company Beet Ketchup.


     Our founder & ketchup maker, Otto Zizak often remembers the leafy heart shapes and bright red color of the beets on his family farm in Eastern Czechoslovakia. After moving to Brooklyn in the late 1980s, he went on to open farm-to-table restaurants. The inherently sweet, fruity and texturally refreshing quality of the purple plant has inspired chefs at Korzo in South Slope Brooklyn, Korzo Haus in The East Village, Brooklyn Beet Company in Bay Ridge & Sekt in Park Slope to employ it in menu staples, such as the beet-bryndza salad, Carpathian-style borscht and the award winning B’klyn Beet Veggie burger.

     Early on his quest to eliminate corn syrup and processed sweeteners from his menus, Beet ketchup came to be. Every B.B.C. product is made in Brooklyn and features New York State beets that have been slow-roasted in the oven (as opposed to the conventional processing method of boiling) – resulting in caramelization that multiplies their magical, natural sweetness. It is blended with over twenty Eastern-European themed botanicals and without any processed sweeteners. Enjoy it with a Korzo Burger, a B’klyn Beet Veggie Burger, or any food that begs for a little bit of Brooklyn (Beet) love.

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